RG 064 Natural Resources

    On July 1, 1986, the Department of Natural Resources was created by combining the Conservation Commission, the Department of Water, Air and Waste Management, the Geological Survey, and part of the Energy Policy Council.  There are two separate commissions within the department with authority to set policy, and adopt rules and standards: the Natural Resources Commission and the Environmental Protection Commission.  The following is a partial list of records from this record group in the holdings of the State Archives:

    GeneralDate Span
    Agricultural Operations Permits 1928-2002
    Agricultural Operations Permits, Pictures 1975-1999
    Air Facility Stack Test 1996-1997
    Air Quality Facility Files 1971-1994
    Construction Grant Needs Survey 1996-2008
    Construction Grant Programs 1976-1997
    Construction Permits 1979-1997
    Construction Project Files, Contracts 1970-1993
    Contaminated Sites (Confidential) Undated
    County Conservation Board Land Acquisitions 1930-1988
    Departmental Policies and Procedures 1972-1986
    Emergency Response 1998
    Executive Correspondence 1970-2007
    Facility Plans 2000-2006
    Federal/State Programs and Projects 1985-2008
    Flood Plain Permits 1957-2001
    Geological Research, Gold Mines in Iowa 1880-1962
    Groundwater Hazardous Statements 1999-2000
    Groundwater Protection Plan Strategy 1968-1992
    Hazardous Substance Incidents (Spill Files) 1976-1996, 2001-2003
    Hazardous Waste Facility Site Licenses 1987-1991
    Hazardous Waste Management 1971-2001
    History of State Parks and Fish & Game Data, Pictures, Newspaper Articles and Civil Conservation CorpProjects 1900s
    Information and Education Programs 1973-1986
    Land and Water Conservation Fund Federal Grants 1967-1997
    Plan Use Planning 1966-1979
    Landfills 1985-1997
    Leaking Underground Storage Tanks 1974-2006
    Leaking Underground Storage Tanks, Pictures 1986-2003
    Legislative Liaison 1973-1988, 2009
    Mill Dams Undated
    Minutes - Department of Environmental Quality, Transition Team
    Minutes - Energy Fund Disbursement Council 1990-1992
    Minutes - Energy Fund Distribution Council 1990-1992
    Minutes - Environmental Protection Commission 1986-1999
    Minutes - Monthly Contested Case Reports, Monthly Attorney General Reports
    Minutes - Natural Resources Commission 1973-1993
    Minutes - Natural Resources Commission (Closed Sessions) 1977-1985
    Minutes - Natural Resources Commission Hearings 1961-1977
    Minutes - Natural Resources Council 1996-1998
    Minutes - State Preserves Advisory Board 1965-1994
    Minutes - Statewide Policy Advisory Committee 1980-1982
    Natural Resources Land Inventory 1985
    Photographs, Directors 1935-1983
    Press Releases
    Program Planning and Project Development 1972-2001
    Project Files, State-Owned Lands and Water 1904-1991
    River Basin Duties 1980-1986, Undated
    Solid Waste Comprehensive Planning 1982-1998
    Solid Waste Permitted Facility Files 1972-1995
    Solid Waste, Photographs 1970-1992
    Sovereign Land Jurisdiction 1964-2004
    Sovereign Land Jurisdiction, Photographs 1994-1999
    Spill and Groundwater Remediation Projects 1992-1999
    State Land Acquisition Records 1900-1998
    State Park Management 1915-1997
    State Park Management, Photographs of Parks and Preserves 1907-1979
    State Water Plan 1977-1980
    Stormwater, Facilities 1991-2001
    Sulfur Oxide, Modeling Study 1974-1980
    Super Fund Site Files 1976-2004
    Toxic Clean-Up Days 1990-1994
    Treatment Agreements 1996-2000
    Uncontrolled Sites 1928-2001
    Uncontrolled Sites, Photographs 1951-1997
    Underground Storage Tanks, Photographs 1992-2008
    Wastewater Facility Files 1951-2005
    Waster Facility Files, Photographs 1974-2009
    Wastewater Facility Specifications 1976-2008, Undated
    Water Quality Planning 1979-1993
    Water Resources Regulation, Construction Permits 1964-1992
    Water Supply Facility Files 1967-2002
    Water Supply Plans and Preliminary Reports 1996-2009
    Water Supply Specifications 1996-2001
    Waterways and Lakes, Saylorville Study 1968-1987